Farmville to bid farewell to the world by the end of this year

Hamza Zakir • 2 hours ago

Instagram to develop tools that let brands manage their DMs with users

Hamza Zakir • September 21, 2020

Facebook in hot water after being accused of spying Instagram users through their cameras

Shaheryar Ehsan • September 18, 2020

You don’t need a PC to use Facebook’s latest Oculus headset, base version priced at $300

Hamza Zakir • September 17, 2020

Facebook launches Avatars in Pakistan

Press Release • September 17, 2020

Your Instagram stories will automatically be shared to your Facebook news feed soon

Shaheryar Ehsan • September 8, 2020

Facebook has removed more than 450 fake accounts in Pakistan

Naima Rabbie • September 2, 2020

Facebook open-sources Opacus, a PyTorch training library with differential privacy

Hamnah Khalid • September 2, 2020

You will soon be able to link your Facebook account to news subscription sites

Shaheryar Ehsan • September 1, 2020

Facebook must clarify its policy differences for Indian and Pakistani users: IT Minister.

Naima Rabbie • August 21, 2020

Data of over 200 million Social Media Profiles got exposed in a massive Data Leak

Naima Rabbie • August 21, 2020

Facebook to discontinue its ‘Lite’ app in the coming days for its iOS user

Naima Rabbie • August 17, 2020

Facebook deleted seven million posts on its platform regarding fake coronavirus information

Naima Rabbie • August 12, 2020

Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth increased after the launch of Reels.

Naima Rabbie • August 11, 2020