You will now be given 10 minutes to delete your sent message on FB messenger

Abdul Wahab • November 9, 2018
WhatsApp Image 2018-08-06 at 14.13.22

Whatsapp will no longer be ad-free

Asra Rizwan • November 1, 2018

Facebook is reportedly acquiring a big cybersecurity firm to avoid further hacks

Muneeb Ahmad • October 22, 2018
How Your Facebook Account can be hacked

Spammers behind massive Facebook hack, not political agents

Asra Rizwan • October 18, 2018

Instagram is testing if it could share your precise location with Facebook

Muneeb Ahmad • October 6, 2018

Facebook admits using your two-factor-authentication phone number for ad targeting

Asra Rizwan • October 3, 2018
facebook messenger mobile icons

Facebook has started to roll out the new UI for Messenger

Asra Rizwan • October 3, 2018

Information Ministry’s fake news buster Twitter account gets fabricated in a day

Asra Rizwan • October 2, 2018

Did Facebook block users from posting about the massive hack?

Asra Rizwan • October 1, 2018

Everything you need to know about the hack that shook Facebook last week

Muneeb Ahmad • October 1, 2018
Facebook Mark Zuckerberg

Alleged Facebook scammer claiming half ownership of the social network arrested

TechJuice • August 27, 2018

Facebook’s chief security officer resigns

Aqsa Khunshan • August 2, 2018

Facebook capitalization drops by $120 billion within two hours

Shehryar Ahmed • July 26, 2018

Despite the crypto ads ban, Coinbase ads are back on Google

Asra Rizwan • July 24, 2018

Twitter beats Facebook in hate speech amidst electoral campaigns in Pakistan

Asra Rizwan • July 23, 2018