Mark Zuckerberg Warns Facebook Users ‘Not To Screenshot Chats’

Mark Zuckerberg, a tech billionaire and CEO of Meta, warns Facebook users not to take screenshots of their chats....

Aug 8 · >

Cage Fight With Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg Will be Livestreamed on ‘X’: Elon Musk

All financial proceeds from livestreaming the fight on ‘X’ will directly go towards a charity for veterans X Corp...

Aug 7 · >

Facebook is Now Used By More than 40% of the World’s Population

Experiencing a small daily active user decline in 2021, Facebook kicked back and has now reached more than 3...

Jul 28 · >

Twitter’s Transformation Into X:Wipe Out Billions In Brand Value

On Sunday, Elon Musk, owner of Tesla and Twitter, announced that Twitter’s product name would be changed to ‘X’...

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Jul 25 · >

Twitter CEO Backs Widely Criticized Tweet Reading-Rate Limits:A Controversial Move

Elon Musk, Twitter’s owner, announced a temporary move to limit the tweets users can read daily. The move has...

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Jul 5 · >

Meta Launches $7.99 a Month Virtual Reality Service: Here’s What You Need to Know

Compatible with Quest 2, Quest Pro and the upcoming Quest 3 headset, the Quest+ virtual reality subscription will give...

Jun 28 · >

Facebook Parent Meta Explores Plans to Create Twitter Rival

According to details, the text-based Twitter competitor being planned by Meta will be decentralized and have a functionality similar...

Jun 12 · >

The Next AI Stock Are All Set To Join The $1 Trillion Club :Besides Nvidia

The company’s artificial intelligence efforts are the key points to achieve the goal. Indeed Nvidia is very close to...

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Jun 12 · >

Meta is Forcibly Selling Giphy for Only $53 Million

Selling the company for a low price of $53 million, Meta acquired Giphy for over $315 million in 2020,...

May 24 · >

WhatsApp Editing Option: Now You Can Edit Messages With A 15-Minute Time Limit

WhatsApp Edit Button: the option can work by long pressing the message and choosing ‘edit’ in the drop-down menu....

May 23 · >

Meta Gets a Record Breaking $1.3 Billion Fine for Sharing European Data With US

It was reported that Meta was transferring EU user data across the Atlantic despite being ordered to stop back...

May 22 · >

Meta is Working on its own Custom Chip and AI Optimized Data Center for AI Research

Parent to Facebook and Instagram, Meta revealed that it is creating a custom silicon chip for running AI models,...

May 22 · >