Facebook launches flagship Rise in Pakistan to up-skill advertising agencies and marketing professionals

Facebook has launched its flagship skill development program ‘Rise’ in Pakistan to help advertising agencies and marketing professionals develop...

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Dec 2 ·>

Arizona-based startup demands $20mn from Zuckerberg for using the “Meta” name

There’s a company out there that is hot on Facebook’s heels and, in all probability, keeping Mark Zuckerberg up...

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Nov 5 ·>

Say goodbye to automatic face tagging, Facebook shuts Automatic Face Recognition

If you have ever uploaded a photo on Facebook then you may have noticed how the social media platform...

Nov 4 ·>

Facebook changes its company name to ‘Meta’, a major rebrand

At Connect 2021, CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced Meta, which brings together our apps and technologies under one new company...

Oct 29 ·>

Facebook is aiming to rebrand the company with a new name

With Facebook’s focus on the metaverse, the company is looking to change the company name by next week. The...

Oct 20 ·>

Mark Zuckerberg loses nearly $6 billion due to major Facebook outage

In recent news, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp faced a massive outage where all respective services of the platforms were...

Oct 5 ·>

Facebook launches video calling devices

Facebook has officially launched its own range of video calling devices called the Portal Go and the Portal+. These...

Sep 22 ·>

Facebook and Ray-Ban introduce smart glasses that can take calls, photos and more

In recent news, Facebook and Ray-Ban have teamed up to introduce its much-anticipated product called the ‘Ray-Ban Stories ’...

Sep 13 ·>

Facebook and Zindagi Trust join hands to combat online child exploitation in Pakistan

Facebook and Zindagi Trust launched a campaign in Pakistan to educate the public about the harm caused by sharing...

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Aug 26 ·>

Facebook Set To Invest $1 Billion To Ensure Content Creators Generate More Content

In recent news, Facebook is investing nearly $1 billion in order to further incentivize creators to make content for...

Jul 16 ·>

Facebook Releases Its News Platform Called ‘Bulletin’

In a recent audio conference, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that it is officially its much anticipated...

Jul 1 ·>

Facebook Has Officially Become A $1 Trillion Company

In recent news, Facebook has officially joined the $1 trillion club in the recent market close. As of now,...

Jun 29 ·>