This is how you can check who hasn’t accepted your Facebook friend request

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Facebook allows users to view request which other people have sent them, but a few people know that they can also view requests which they themselves have sent to others. So today in this article I will tell you how you can also check Facebook requests you have sent to others and they have left it hanging.

To view the requests which you have sent to others, first you need to login your Facebook account and after you do so, move your cursor to Find Friends icon which is located on the upper right side of your Facebook page. Just click Find Friends icon and after few moments a new window will pop, the window will show you the friend requests which others have sent you. However, on the same page on the upper left side, it gives an option to “View Sent Requests”. Just click on the view sent requests icon after clicking the button you will be directed to another window, which will show you who has left your Facebook request hanging.

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Moreover, if you want to resend your request to give another reminder to the one you have sent your request to, just scroll the cursor to friend request icon and after placing the cursor on the icon it will give you the option to cancel the request, click on cancel to kill the request you have sent. After you killed your request, request resend option will now become available to you. Hit the friend request icon, congratulation you have successfully sent a friend request. Now, wait for the confirmation from the one you have sent a request to, either he/she will accept it or will again leave your Facebook request hanging.

For the ones who use Facebook on the mobile app, just click on the three lines icon which is placed at the bottom corner of your Facebook screen, then go to Friends icon and click it and then click on the Outgoing icon to check who has left your FB request hanging.

Click this link to view sent request directly

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