Facebook unveils new Instant Games for Messenger

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Facebook launched numerous instant games for the Messenger application on November 29, 2016.

People get bored while waiting for a reply from friends and Messenger app has the cure for that. Messenger already has some really addicting games before like basketball, soccer etc. But now it launched instant arcade games like Pac-man, Zynga, Space Invaders, Arkanoid, Zoo keeper, Templer, Brick pop, Words with Friends and many other exciting games with no need of separate installation. David Marcus, Messenger’s Chief, said,

“We were shocked by how successful this was and how people really enjoyed not only playing games on Messenger but also challenging their friends. That’s when we decided we needed to build a better gaming experience for people on Messenger and actually let the pros build games, the real game developers instead of us.”

Facebook is a social networking giant with billions of users. Facebook believes that some healthy competition will keep users more engaged. Previously, soccer and basketball have earned Facebook millions of dollars. And now Facebook will earn more profits by allowing Game developers to promote their games on Messenger. Also, the users can play and challenge any one from around the world through scoreboard.


Game Insight has dedicated an entire division worth $5 million on developing messenger friendly games. CEO of Game Insight, Anatoly Ropotov said,

“Game Insight has made sizable investments in new technologies and existing brands over the last year, which has helped us make an early entry onto Instant Games. We have always been among the first to support new platforms so that we can offer the most enjoyable games on the most exciting platforms.”

The game icon is just below the area where you type messages in conversation with your friends on Messenger. You can also search for games by their name. These HTML 5 games are available for latest versions of Android and iOS.

According to the official post, right now there are 17 games made available to about 30 countries. New games will be added soon.

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