Facebook updates Trending & introduces new Privacy Basics

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Facebook has updated its Trending section and has introduced new privacy basics.


Previously, users from all over the world used to see same and most popular topics in ‘Trending’ section. But now, Trending topics will feature publishers’ names, improved Trending system and everyone in the same region will see same topics.

Facebook will now display a headline from a publisher’s article about the topic. The Trending section will not be personalized anymore but will display curated contents from authentic sources. After clicking on a topic, people will be taken to a personalized results page that will include additional sources and posts about the topic.

Previously, the most discussed articles were trended on top because of high engagement but now they will be selected on the basis of number of publishers posting same story. This is another step towards fighting fake news.

Also, people in the same region will see same Trending topics so that they do not miss any important news in their areas.

These features will gradually roll out to everyone in the coming weeks.

New Privacy Basics

Privacy basics give users insights into securing their accounts, who can see their posts and what they can do to control all that. It reads,

“People share their most valued moments on Facebook, and we want to make tips and tools clear and accessible whenever you need them… Privacy Basics features improved functionality and top topics based on your most frequently asked questions about privacy and security. Built using your feedback, everything is organized so that information about protecting your privacy is easy to find. Privacy Basics puts you in the driver’s seat with 32 interactive guides available in 44 languages.”

Facebook will walk you through a Privacy Checkup through which you can review who can see and share your posts and select your audience. Also, users will get a unique security code each time they access their Facebook account from a new device.

Written by Maheen Kanwal
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