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Farmers getting tech-savvy: Bardana App registers 56,997 farmers, issues 631,000-ton Bardana

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The Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) announced Thursday through a press release that, as of April 1st, 56,997 farmers have been registered through its Bardana App. Moreover, under this module, over 394,092 tons of total Bardana have been issued, and 75,216 tons of wheat have been procured by Government from farmers across Punjab since April 1st this year. The recently held progress review meeting chaired by PITB Chairman Azfar Manzoor was also informed that under this module, over 389 food centers had been registered, and over 631,000 tons of total Bardana had been issued in Punjab this year.

Introduced by the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) last year under the umbrella of ‘Digitization of Food Department Punjab,’ the Bardana app facilitates farmers in registering themselves and acquiring Bardana transparently and efficiently.

The digitization of farmers’ data and wheat stock ensures a smooth transaction allowing both farmers and government to benefit from a hassle-free digital process. In tandem with the Bardana Wheat Procurement, Flour Ledger Management Information System, and Inventory Management System, the initiative plays a crucial role in wheat management. It has led to establishing a robust system of monitoring stock positions and wheat delivery mechanisms across Punjab.

Considering the situation arising out of the Covid-19, Bardana App has facilitated farmers in registering themselves online from their homes. whilst also ensuring transparency and efficient processing of Bardana Issuance & Procurement.

Payment Scroll has also been introduced for the first-ever time to calculate payments against the wheat procured. Its access has also been provided to the banks and the centers concerned to calculate and make payments to the wheat sellers.

Written by Ahsan Zafeer
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