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Farmers to receive agriculture-related customized advice on mobile phones

Avatar Written by Naima Rabbie · 57 sec read>

As technological advancements are moving a step further, the country is also going towards enhancing the quality and productivity of different sectors. When it comes to agriculture, 7 million farmers belonging to Nigeria, Kenya, and Pakistan will receive personalised agricultural advice on their mobile phones. It is going to be a fruitful step for income generation, food security, and is going to act against the economic challenges the country is facing.

According to the project details, the farmers are going to receive low cost customised advice to improve their practices which will only help with the quality but also with the pest and plant diseases management. The personalised advice would also help in educating farmers regarding environmental sustainability along with access to the market for improving the income.

The initiative is going to receive financial support via the International Fund For Agricultural Development‘s rural inadequate Stimulus Facility (RPSF). Besides that, the funding program is also aiding ten other projects in the Horticulture sector. Just like all other areas, the pandemic has also disturbed the Agriculture of Pakistan. Besides customised notifications, other initiatives are two regional based projects in Asia and Africa which will provide emergency livelihood support through local farmer organisation and welfare.

However, the majority of the projects circulates the COVID 19 relief and is implemented through the International Fund for Agricultural Development Project and strategic teams. Farmers will be given seeds and fertilisers under the project in the upcoming months along with assistance in transport and storage of the crop. The commercial banks would also go to be supported by the initiatives for lending cash and establishing digital platforms.