FBR’s new online tax profiling system lets you view your tax details

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Federal Board of Revenue has announced a new online tax profiling system that allows 53 million citizens of Pakistan to view their tax details, travel history, bank account information, properties and bill details online. Digitization is occurring almost in every sector of Pakistan and tax collection happens to be one of the most vital in terms of our economic growth, FBR is looking to facilitate the citizens and encourage people to pay taxes through various initiatives.

The portal is secured through Cloudflare as well as various other security protocols. As per FBR Chairman Shabbar Zaidi, the portal has been developed in such a way to ensure that citizen information will not fall in the wrong hands. This comes after 45,000 IDs of overseas Pakistanis were leaked and sold in the black market for fake registrations of smartphones. The government is looking to ensure that no such information ever gets out in the open again and for something as sensitive as the taxpayer’s info, foolproof security is needed.

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The data on the website has been compiled with help from the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA). Anyone with their valid CNIC and PTA registered mobile phone can view the tax information after payment of Rs. 500 through e-sahulat or Credit/Debit card. Tax assessment will now be done through available info and related data.

Bear in mind, you will have to pay Rs. 500 every time to view the tax information which seems kind of expensive.

First, a person will send a text message to 9966 and receive a registration code. Afterwards, he/she will pay Rs. 500 via the methods listed above and then access will be granted to their data.

Are you interested in viewing your tax information online after payment of Rs. 500 every time?

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