Punjab Govt Initiates Crackdown Against Illegal Loan Apps:

Lahore: The Punjab government has taken the initiative and decided to take strict action against cyber crimes. The govt...

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Jul 18 · >

PTA Taxes On iPhone XS And iPhone XS Max (Updated July 2023)

Everyone wants to keep an iPhone in their pocket. Holding an iPhone has become a dream for many people...

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Jul 17 · >

Govt Is All Set To Remove NADRA’S Tax Related Powers

The government of Pakistan has decided to remove the powers of National Database And Registration Authority (NADRA) for determining...

May 26 · >

FBR PlansTo Buy 155 Luxury Vehicles

Islamabad: Federal Board Of Revenue (FBR) has planned to buy 155 luxury vehicles worth nearly Rs 1.6 billion in...

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Feb 16 · >

FBR Warns Retailers Who Fails To Provide Online Access

Karachi: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) warns retailers of large entities for not providing an online access to sales...

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Feb 13 · >

FBR Will Not Alert Taxpayers Of Foreign Requests For Information Of Their Assets

The Federal Board Of Revenue has decided not to inform the concerned taxpayer about the request received from foreign...

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Feb 6 · >

FBR Just Launched a Currency Declaration App for International Travelers

Named ‘Pass Track’, the application is designed to facilitate passengers by making currency declaration easier The Federal Board of...

Feb 2 · >

FBR Imposes 50% Customs Duty On Mild Hybrid Cars

The custom classifications committee of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has increased the customs duty up to 50%...

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Jan 31 · >

Multiple Fake Transactions Discovered In Tax Payer Profile:FTO Orders Investigation

Islamabad: Thousands of fraudulent transactions discovered in taxpayer profile. The taxpayer sought relief from the Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO)...

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Jan 6 · >

Ishaq Dar Refuses Tax Exemption On IT Exports

Islamabad: The government of Pakistan has rejected the IT industry’s proposal to waive “negligible tax” on its services to...

Oct 24 · >

Senior Army Officers Get Tax and Duty Exemptions On Import of Bullet-Proof Vehicles

After retirement, Senior Army Officers now can enjoy duty and tax-free import on bullet-proof vehicles, up to 6,000 ccs,...

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Sep 25 · >

FBR Takes Down its Websites for 24hrs in fear of Hackers

According to FBR employees and residents who attempted to use these websites, the three web portals of the tax...

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Aug 16 · >