FIA catches Karachi gang involved in online car fraud red-handed

Written by Hamza Zakir ·  1 min read >

This past Sunday, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) confronted a member of a notorious group that had reportedly been using the online space to commit fraud related to the purchase of cars. The agency was tipped by a complaint filed on August 25 against a case of online fraud involving cars.

As per the complaint, certain individuals posing as representatives of car manufacturers would supposedly book vehicles and receive payments in their bank accounts from the customers they were deceiving. The complainant went on to nominate an individual named Imam, and also shared the bank account and contact details of the culprits.

The FIA officer told the media that the complainant, who identified himself by the name ‘Qureshi’, had cumulatively transferred Rs. 10.55 million to various bank accounts of the suspects, including Rs. 1 million in a single account, which was debit blocked by the inquiry officer.

FIA Cybercrime Circle Additional Director Faizullah Korejo told the media that a person called Sher Muhammad Joyo, who was found linked to the case, had been called upon to issue a statement as well. Upon being questioned by the authorities, he said that his client Azam Rehman Butt had sent the said amount to his account as a fee because he was on trial in a case registered at the Cybercrime Circle.

With the lead acquired from Joyo, the FIA reportedly conducted a raid at a place near the city courts and arrested Butt. Upon being questioned, Butt admitted that the money was transferred through online fraud committed with the help of a few partners in crime. Korejo assured the media that this crime shall not go unpunished and that the facilitators will soon be caught and subjected to strict legal action.

Credit must go to the FIA for taking strict and timely action against a malicious group that could have gone very far with their deception.

Written by Hamza Zakir
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