Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi advice the government to use modern Technology in policy making

Avatar Written by Naima Rabbie · 1 min read>

Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mehmood Qureshi stressed the need of utilizing modern technology as it can efficiently run the official matters. The foreign minister chaired a meeting with several representatives of many telecom companies. The minister stated that the world is changing rapidly. Even the highly reputed organizations have gone virtual. Sessions and meetings are done using online platforms in many institutes.

In the meeting, the primary discussion was about the increase in the latest technology in the ministry. Qureshi said that mechanism of future policy should be created while utilizing modern technology and keeping in view the adverse effects of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Telenor has published the latest research report. In that report, it was stated that COVID 19 pandemic has triggered economic and social changes at such a fast rate that it would otherwise take many years to realize it.

The report also stated predictions regarding the world and its affairs after the coronavirus. For example, according to the report government will build a “new city infrastructure which would facilitate a new model of work”. The second most important prediction narrated in the research paper was the utilization of artificial intelligence in recruitment. As millions of people have lost their life due to the pandemic, it is believed that new jobs have arisen that are formulated to cope with the needs of stemming the pandemic.

The Vice President at Telenor Research Gorm Andreas Gonnevet said: “There is no such thing as going back to normal. More and more people are starting to adjust to working remotely, either from home or near home; we expect the pandemic to accelerate this trend.”

The report quoted: ”We predict the artificial intelligence hold the key to transform the employment game for the better by processing the comprehensive background information about employers and potential candidates, algorithms will filter out unsuitable positions and candidates, and connected the right seekers with the right employers.”

On the other hand, the pandemic has caused a remarkable effect on nature as the rate of pollution has been reduced to a greater extent.