The new Galaxy S9/S9+ teaser reveals a “Reimagined” camera for taking better selfies

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We already have four of them, and believe me, more are coming.

Don’t know about the products, but the teasers Samsung keep releasing of the upcoming Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are definitely awesome. Just yesterday we reported about the Galaxy S9’s camera enhancements in three video teasers/ads by Samsung. And here it comes again, with another official video to tease the new camera in the upcoming Galaxy S9 and it really expects this thing to be a big deal.

Samsung has recently released the fourth official video teaser of Galaxy S9 and S9+, titled “The Camera Reimagined”. From the video’s fast-moving shots, it appears that Samsung is going to redesign the camera of Galaxy S9 from scratch. Where the camera of Galaxy S8 is already much capable, we expect to see some major enhancement in “Reimagined 9”. Meanwhile, the ending part of the video shows some people taking selfies so it’s obvious that front camera is also going to get a significant upgrade. Here’s the video;

There is also a lot of flashing in the video. This could be a hint to a new type of flash being used on the Galaxy S9. This could also mean that S9’s camera will be able to take better shots in low-light conditions without a flash. There are also some short, looped videos in the teaser, so expect the S9 to offer a GIF style option for those short videos.

Selfie these days keep getting better and better and how come you expect Samsung to stay behind. Selfies also get a lot of attention in the video with quite a few group shots suggesting a decent wide-angle lens will make an appearance. There are a lot of “hearts” and “likes” in the video, so apparently, Samsung might introduce a social media-like rating feature.

Where the devices are certain to make their debut at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and Samsung Galaxy S9 launch event can be watched live on 26th of February via

Written by Sajeel Syed
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