Facebook is planning to fix your close-eyed photos by using AI

The social media giant is on the continuous track of evolving its service. With each passing day, Facebook is...

Jun 21 ·>

Selfie Museum opens doors to selfie fanatics

Good news for selfie lovers. Now, you can learn about the history of a selfie. Recently, Los Angeles has...

Apr 21 ·>

Snapchat unveils super-realistic lenses for iPhone X

Apple announced exclusive AR Snapchat lenses for iPhone X at the launch of the event last year, and today...

Apr 6 ·>

Oppo F7 specs leaked

Oppo is set to launch Oppo F7 in less than a week now and the leaks keep on coming...

Mar 22 ·>

The new Galaxy S9/S9+ teaser reveals a “Reimagined” camera for taking better selfies

We already have four of them, and believe me, more are coming. Don’t know about the products, but the...

Feb 16 ·>

Woman destroys $200,000 artwork while taking a selfie

The fever of selfies is rising with each day passing, people tend to click a selfie whatever the situation...

Jul 14 ·>

OPPO F3 launches in Pakistan

OPPO in a wonderful event today has launched its much awaited Oppo F3. In glamor filled event the Chinese...

May 5 ·>

Pakistan & India top countries for selfies related deaths

According to a study conducted by the scholars of Carnegie Mellon University, USA and Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology,...

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Nov 19 ·>

This city has established “No-Selfie” zones in wake of selfie-related deaths

Selfie, a self-portrait photograph taken mostly through a smartphone camera, is the favorite past time of this generation but...

Feb 26 ·>

10 mobile app recommendations for Selfie Enthusiasts

Are you already done with Snapchat and Instagram but still not tired of talking selfies? Does every new app...

Dec 4 ·>