8 types of gamers you will meet in your life

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We come across different types of gamers in our daily lives. They can be classified into different categories based on many factors like how much time they put in gaming, how they behave toward other people, how much money they spend on gaming, and how dedicated they are to gaming.

Here are the 8 types of gamers you will come across in your lifetime.

1. The Casual Gamer

Casual gamers are generally into all kinds of games. They mostly play games to relax and pass their free time. They’ll play anything from a simple mobile game to a complex strategy game. They do not research a lot and do not stay up-to-date with new games. They just play games which are popular or their friends tell them to play. They just game to relax.

2. The Hater

This types of gamers just hate every other gamer they are playing online games with. They use online chat for abusive language and cursing other gamers. You just can’t talk politely with them or they’ll start abusing you too. However, in rare cases, some of them prove to be really good online friends. And if you make a bond with them, they’ll play their next game teaming up with you.

3. The Lone Wolf

This type of gamers are quiet and introvert. They just don’t interact with a lot of people in real life and feel safer communicating through an online medium. Very few people might know about their gaming life unless someone asks them specifically if and what games they like. Such gamers have strong opinions about games but they only share them with a very few people they like.

4. The Cry Baby or The Salty Gamer

You’ll find such gamers always whining about the losses. They always blame a loss on different people and other variables. Such type of gamers even have a good set of skills but they never admit their mistake and always blame others for the defeat. They even don’t accept easily that someone is better than them in gaming. In their minds, they are the best and always blame others for the cause of their defeat.

5. The Snob

This types of gamers are always ready to defend what they think is the best game according to them. They think they know everything and do not care what other people think about that game. And if they are a fan of a specific franchise or a game series, they’ll buy it blindly, like most of the iPhone fans.

6. The Spender

This type of gamers love to buy a lot of games and increase the collection of games in their gaming library. They have hundreds of games in their library but they play only a few of them. They always look out for the sales on games and keep their wallet ready to spend some money on every sale.

7. The Fanboy

These type of gamers are generally fans of a specific platform. Like if they own a PS4, they think that PS4 is the best console and neither the PC, nor any other console can beat it. And if they game on PC, they’ll never accept that PS4 or Xbox One is better in some cases.

8. The Always-Up-For-A-Challenge Gamer

These gamers are usually expert in some games and they are always up for a challenge in their favorite games. They keep challenging every other gamer they know so that they can show them how good they are.

Written by Uzair Khalid
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