EA to acquire Codemasters in $1.2 billion deal

Electronic Arts has reportedly reached an agreement to buy out UK based game developer Codemasters Software Company Limited in...

Dec 15 ·>

Liferun: A new mode in Fortnite that let you save lives instead of taking one.

Red Cross collaborated with the developers of the Fortnite game for developing a new feature on Monday. This collaboration...

Jan 21 ·>

PUBG’s Anti-Cheat Unit explains how they fight back against cheaters and hackers

PUBG Corp has recently published insightful information on how their engineers catch cheat and restrict/ban users from accessing the...

Jul 18 ·>

CPO directs traffic wardens in Rawalpindi to delete games from mobile phones

The city police officer (CPO) Rawalpindi has directed the chief traffic officer to make sure that traffic wardens do...

Jul 8 ·>
Verify Vehicle Ownership

Angry Birds launches its first ever AR game

The original Angry Birds rethought what gaming on mobile meant. A simple but fun to play that quickly took...

May 2 ·>

Steam, the gaming store giant, went down after its Intergalactic Summer Sale kicked off

Steam is the world’s biggest gaming library to buy video games, developed by Valve Corporation, it also provides other...

Jun 22 ·>

Fortnite World Cup 2019 has $100 million prize money and is ‘open to all’

Yesterday at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2018, the developers of Fortnite – Epic Games announced some further details about...

Jun 13 ·>

Google’s Change the Game Design Challenge 2018 won by a 17-year-old girl

A 17-year-old girl named Christine, from Vancouver, Washington has won the title of Change the Game Design 2018. Christine...

Jun 12 ·>

The biggest game in the world is finally arriving on Android

The biggest game in the world “Fortnite” is finally coming to the biggest mobile platform in the world, Android...

May 19 ·>

What’s all the fuss about Google’s new game: Emoji Scavenger Hunt

Google has a new game to play with you! Hell yeah! I mean it. After bringing Where’s Waldo to...

May 7 ·>

God of War becomes the world’s fastest selling game of Play Station 4

The game based on the epic war between Titans and Gods is getting popular these days. God of War...

May 4 ·>

Google Play Games gets design update with new mini-games

Google has updated its Play Games platform after quite a while, and this time it has come up with...

Nov 13 ·>