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User Proves That Once Your PS4’s CMOS Battery Dies, Its Simply Saying Goodbye To Your Console

Last month, a Twitter account called ‘Does It Play’ dedicated to ensuring video game preservation and accessibility highlighted the...

Apr 14 ·>

Sony removes another feature on the PlayStation 4

With the PlayStation 5 becoming the hottest console on the market, Sony is looking for new ways to improve...

Mar 17 ·>

Sony looking to add a back button for the PS5 Dual Sense controller

When it comes to competitive gaming, streaming and customization, add-ons and other equipment always have a global trend. Not...

Feb 10 ·>

8 types of gamers you will meet in your life

We come across different types of gamers in our daily lives. They can be classified into different categories based...

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PlayStation 4 system update 5.00 beta launched, here are the new features

PlayStation 4 system update 5.0 is launched in beta for all the users who signed up to test the...

Aug 18 ·>
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Sony opens beta registration for the next PlayStation 4 system update

Sony is preparing to launch the next major update for the PlayStation 4 and beta registrations are now opened....

Jul 20 ·>
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You can now play PS4 games on PC

You can now play PS4 games on any Windows PC through PlayStation Now cloud service. Back in March, Sony...

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