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Games conference

PixelArt Games Academy is organizing a two-day Games Emerge Conference (GEC), taking place at National Incubation Center, Islamabad on 22nd and 23rd February 2020.

GEC is Pakistan’s biggest game industry event that gathers national and international gaming industry veterans along with aspiring and new entrants to the gaming industry under one roof. GEC promotes video game development in Pakistan. The event provides learning, mentoring, and networking opportunities for participants. It is the game-changer for artists, designers, developers, publishers, marketers, and hobbyist players. Mark the calendars for 22nd and 23rd February and book your event passes today, for the one-of-a-kind event of 2020.

PixelArt Games Academy hosts GEC 2020 continuing the legacy of connecting, growing, and promoting a vibrant community of game developers in Pakistan. The two-day conference is jam-packed with talks, panel sessions and workshops by industry veterans. For the first time in GEC conference history, and in this 4th year of the annual event, international speaker and renowned game developer Kate Edwards, the Executive director of Global Game Jam and CEO Geogrify, will travel to Pakistan to speak live on-stage. Many other international speakers will present via live video and take Q & A to help local studios with their problems and provide international gaming industry knowledge access.

GEC event also hosts Games Showcase & Awards, where local game developers will be able to showcase their games to professional mentors, potential investors, and publishers. This platform at the GEC event boosts the local developer’s and gaming studios brand recognition, marketing, finances, and network. It is also an opportunity for developers to bring their product to the market and gain valuable comments and reactions from the players and other developers. The best entries to the showcase will be selected and given awards based on their engagement, immersive qualities, social impact, and other criteria.

On spot registration desk will be available at the event, so if you have not bought your ticket yet, you still have a chance. For info, visit:

Games Emerge Conference is organized by PixelArt Games Academy with sponsorship from ACE, King, and Jack sponsors, that is, Facebook Gaming, Unreal Engine, & Revolving Games, respectively. GEC partners also include National Incubation Center, TechJuice, Media Clicks, Travel Dost, IDG, GamePro, & WebStudio. Community partnerships for GEC are with Pakistan Game Developers Association, TechGeeks, Ignite, TeamUp, PWiC, Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom, WomenInTechPK, AIESEC Islamabad & Jazzxlr8. International marketing partnership with the International Game Developers Association, and educational partnership with FAST, IEEE SEECS, Microsoft Student Partners, & Riphah University Islamabad. 

The specific agenda of GEC covers the variety of different tracks in the Gaming industry, including Game Design & Production, AI in Games, Art & Animations, Sound Design & Composition, Video Game Narratives, User research in Games, Mobile Games Market & User Monetization, Quality Assurance in Games, AR/VR/MR and UI/UX. The sessions will be the mix of presentations, panels and hands-on workshops.

The speakers for GEC 2020 include prominent Gaming industry veterans. Kate Edwards, Executive director, Global Game Jam, CEO Geogrify. Celia Hodent, Former Director of UX, Epic Games. Eve Thomas Co-founder, TRU LUV. Sigurður Ásgeir, Founder Drexler. Harry Aslam, Creative Director, Sideways Tiger. Richard Dagnall, Head of Independent Games/Music and Creativity, Howdoo. Elena Lobova, former CEO of Ilogos, and founder of Achiever’s Hub. Matej Jan, CEO/Founder PixelArt Academy (California). Adil Najeeb & Shahmir Quidwai from WonderTree. Raheel Yawar, Flying Sheep Studios Germany. Samia Khalid, Senior Software Engineer Microsoft.

“Innovation, connection, learning, and networking in the gaming industry. Nobody but PixelArt is doing anything like the Games Emerge Conference in Pakistan.” – Haider Ali Shishmahal, Islamabad Chapter Leader – Transformative Technology.

“My previous experience at GEC hosted by PixelArts Game Academy in Pakistan was wonderful. From the speakers line-up to panel discussions and overall energy at the event was superb. Definitely looking forward to attending GEC 2020. ” – Shayan Zaeem from Revolving Games. 

“This is going to be my first time in a tech conference. So, it’s a step out of my comfort zone. I’m a curious soul & am looking forward to seek a two way street of opportunities that can lead to us or through us to achieve excellence in the field” – Fahyra Haroon, Crosshair Technology Lab.

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