Gmail finally converts addresses and phone numbers to clickable links

Uzair Khalid Written by Uzair Khalid · 49 sec read>

Better late than never. Google has finally addressed Gmail’s most annoying problem.

Until now, when someone sent you a phone number or address, you had to copy the address or the phone number, while trying to avoid any other text along with it, and paste it where you needed it. But now Gmail has finally converted phone numbers, addresses, and emails to actionable links and you can click them to go to the relevant app.

For example, if a friend sends you a number, you can just tap on the number and go to the dialer app make a call. Or if someone sends you an address, you can simply click on that address and go to Google Maps and navigate to that area. This also works for email addresses. If you click or tap on an email address, it will create a new email draft to that person.

This might look like a small upgrade but it saves a lot of time. And most importantly, you’ll not get annoyed by copying the unnecessary text and trying again and again to copy the correct text.

It is also hard to believe that Gmail did not have this option already. I mean, this is a very simple feature and I wonder what took Google so long to implement it. Or did Google forget that Gmail is missing this simple functionality?

Written by Uzair Khalid
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