Google Classroom now helps connect teachers & students on its platform

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Google is introducing a new feature Google Classroom that is aimed to help teachers organize academic courses and connect with students for better understanding of the subject.

Google is launching lots of new interesting features to facilitate its users. Recently, I posted an article about the Google Earth feature that helps users to measure the distance between any two points on the planet. Now, the search giant has announced 12 updates on its platform all meant to make easier for educators and learners to connect on an online platform whether in or out of the school – Google Classroom.

The service is a free-web, non-profit service for students, teachers and anyone else having a Google account. Moreover, it helps educators to create, distribute, and grade assignments. One of the new features stops students from looking for assignment answers online.

On talking about this feature Google said: “With all these new features, we hope that students, teachers, administrators, and developers will have a happy and productive return to school and work in the new year.”

To facilitate educators, Google is adding new pages to Classroom more tools for managing their work. So, in the coming months, it’ll roll out the Classwork page, “which lets teachers organize assignments and questions by grouping them into modules and units,” Bram Bout of Google for Education explained in a blog post.

Another tool it is launching is a People page to give educators a single location to manage students, co-teachers, and guardians, and a new Settings page “where teachers can add a class description, change the course code, and control overall Classroom settings.”

Students may not be happy with these updates as it prevents them from cheating in the exam. However, I am sure they will appreciate it in the future.

Written by Aqsa Khunshan
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