Google could soon get sued by female employees for gender discrimination

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As much as 60 Google female employees, either current or former, are weighing the option to sue the technology giant over alleged sexism and pay differences.

Google has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. All this started lasted week when a Google engineer wrote an anti-diversity and sexist memo that later went viral and drew a lot of criticism from women and minorities. Google’s CEO, terming the memo a violence to the company’s code of conduct, later fired the engineer. However, it appears that Google’s grind isn’t over.

As per a recent report from a UK-based international news firm, The Guardian, the concerned women state that pay differences exist between men and women at Google. Furthermore, women have been paid less as compared to their male counterparts even if they had equal qualifications and comparable job postings. Some women also state that a “hostile work environment” exists which diminishes their changes to career progression as compared to their male counterparts.

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The women have connected to a civil rights attorney James Finberg for a possible lawsuit against the company. Over the period of past three weeks, a total of 60+ women have already contacted James Finberg. Half of these women are currently employed at Google while the others are previous employees. The lawsuit, if filed, would be then related to a previous such report as brought forward by the US Department of Labor which also establishes a similar stance. Google, however, denies these stances.

James Finberg has already interviewed 30 females over the said issue. He was able to find out that the gender disparities are still existent. “They are concerned that women are channeled to levels and positions that pay less than men with similar education and experience,” James Finberg said.

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