Google customizes search for “Ramadan” for most relevant information and tips

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Ramadan is here around the corner and the US-based company Google is helping you access the information you need to make the most of it. Almost 1.7 billion Muslims around the world observe fast in the month of Ramadan. It is the month of gratitude, giving back and connecting with family and friends. For this occasion, the company has brought together a few special experiences across Google to help, from relevant information right in Search to a new way to share Ramadan greetings, made using virtual reality technology.

Searching for prayer times and recipes

During Ramadan, prayer timings are changing each day, People want to know how to prepare Ramadan dishes, when to start and end their fast, and when restaurants and places open during Ramadan. To make this easier to find. Google has made a special tool in the Middle East, Asia, and Indonesia that appears when you search for “Ramadan” on Google. Google has customized your search with locally relevant information. Everything from tips and prayer timings to the most popular recipes, in your Search results.

Since people are fasting all day, and large families gather during Iftar, preparing delicious food for the people that matter in our lives takes on a new importance. During Ramadan, searches for recipes spike 50 percent higher and the watch times on YouTube for cooking videos peak at almost 30 percent higher as well. With this latest tool by Google, you can now explore top recipes and YouTube cooking videos directly through the Ramadan search experience.

Searching for the Qibla anywhere in the world

Since all the Muslims around the world turn to Makkah every day for prayer. Google is helping you answer another top question, “What’s the direction of the Qibla?”. Google launched Qibla Finder, a web app last year, that uses augmented reality to show you the direction of the Qibla wherever you are in the world. Google has now enabled offline usage and a shortcut to add Qibla Finder to your Android home screen as well, so you can locate the direction of House of Allah when you’re on the move.

Searching for greetings

Ramadan and Eid greeting cards are one of the top trending searches before, during and after Ramadan. Such queries like “How to make an Eid greeting card“ or “How to wish someone a happy Ramadan”. So to help you create these beautifully personalized messages to share during Ramadan, Google is launching Qalam.

Qalam brings this timeless heritage of calligraphy online. We collaborated with nine artists from around the world to create more than 35 unique digital Ramadan and Eid greetings with hundreds of customizable artwork possibilities as well using Tilt Brush, a virtual reality app. Google now allows you to customize and share your own 3D Ramadan card now at

We all will be Googling a lot this Ramadan and Google has made it easy to find new ways to celebrate Ramadan.

From all of us at TechJuice, Ramadan Kareem.

Written by Mohammad Jamal
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