Google launches new ad settings page to personalize your ads

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June 21, 2018
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Google has introduced a new ad setting page that will allow users to personalize the ads that target them on Google.

The latest privacy move from the search engine giant – Google- came after the concerns raised that how big corporations handle users’ data. As described on The Keyword, Google’s new ad setting page “shows all the different factors that determine how ads are tailored to you in one view”.

The page highlights a variety of categories based on the user’s online interest and activities. The categories may appear alongside the user’s estimated age and their gender. The new ad setting page is worth taking a look at just to take a peek at what your online habits may have revealed about you.

How to personalize ad targeting with Google?

Now, you can limit or disable ads depending on your own interest. Front and center of the Google ad settings page is a section that lets you turn ad personalization on or off. This is where you decide if you want Google to offer ads based on what it understands about you (taking into view your interest, age, and gender) or just generic ads.

However, there is not a “Yes” or “No” to advertisements, the only thing you can do is to is to make them more or less prominent on Google’ page.

You can easily turn off personalization by tapping the “turn off” button, but it’s not something the company recommends for everyone. Neither does it mean that Google will stop gathering information about you. You have already given away that authorization to the company when you started using Google’s services — it’s part of its privacy policy. If you turn off personalization, you won’t see relevant ads, but Google will still collect information from you when you use one of its products.

Will you be turning off the feature or personalizing the ads you want to see?

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