Google Meet Will Now Allow You to Stream Your Meetings on YouTube

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Google Meet

The arrival of pandemic was a nightmare for all brick and mortar businesses, however it proved to be a turning point for internet communication applications such as Zoom and Google Meet. Soon as these applications gained traction, they grabbed onto the opportunity and started to better themselves from their competition in all possible ways.

With companies both big and small, slowly inclining towards the ‘work from home’ culture, these companies know that they have to constantly improve user experience inorder to stay relevant. Google Meet, just recently released yet another interesting feature, which will allow users to livestream their meetings on YouTube.

Now this feature isn’t available for all, and is only provided to paid workplace accounts, which includes all three enterprise tiers (starter, standard, and plus), Education Plus, Teaching and Learning upgrade, and Workplace individual. The feature can also be used by individual workplace subscribers and premium Google One members (In selective countries).

To start using this feature, users will first have to get their YouTube channel approved for Google Meet live streaming, and wait somewhere around 24 hours for their channel to get approved. Once the channel is approved for livestreaming, users can edit their livestream settings from their privacy settings.

Using this feature, businesses and organizations can now change the ways in which they conduct their virtual meetings, since people that are not active participants will simply not have to join the meeting, since they can watch it through a livestream. Doing this would clear clutter and make meetings held through Google Meet a lot more effective.

Experts and analyst believe that Google’s ownership of the largest video sharing platform ‘YouTube’ will help them monopolize this new meeting livestream feature. Since most internet users are fond of YouTube livestreams, companies and organizations will by default choose Google Meet whenever they want to organize meetings that require an audience.

With this update, Google Meet has continued its small updates spree, the application just this year released half a dozen small and useful features. These features are; picture-in-picture, emojis, face hiding, newer methods of pinning and unpinning content and an improved control bar. Delivering consistent features and improving its usability, Google Meet surely is planning on limiting competition and win a majority of the video communication market.