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Google Now integrates popular messaging apps to its voice assistant

Avatar Written by Rizwan Anwer · 38 sec read>

Google Now has steadily evolved over the years. The voice assistant is a great way to get more done without directly touching your phone. Moreover, it can tell you the weather, perform currency conversions, and have many other useful features. The latest addition to the arsenal of Google Now features will let you send messages over WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Telegram, and NextPlus.

While Google Now already let users email, text, call, and have other phone-enabled functions, but the latest feature will help you socialize more effectively.

Currently, the feature is a one-way communication. Users will only be able to send messages but to read messages they will still need to reach their phone. A month ago, we reviewed an app, Touchless Chat, that also had the same feature. However, the app was able to read replies to you too and compose a reply in return too.

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