Google Play Store gifting $1 credit to random users

Written by Uzair Khalid ·  37 sec read >

Who doesn’t love some free cash?

Google is gifting $1 credit to some Play Store users randomly. You just need to open the Play Store on your Android device or your PC and check if you are among the lucky ones.

Many users have been gifted the $1 credit at random. There’s no selection criteria. You don’t have to do anything to get the credit. If you are the lucky one, you’ll see a red card as soon as you open the Play Store. The card reads “A gift for you – $1 Play Credit”. The banner you’ll see will be like the one below. You just have to tap the card and get your credit.

Google Play Store

The credit will expire on September 14, 2017. $1 does not seem a lot of amount but it should be enough to grab that app you were confused about spending money on. Or you can rent a movie if you use Google Play Movies. The choice is all yours as it is a lot of money to spend.

Did you see the banner in Play Store?

Written by Uzair Khalid
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