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Google is killing Google Play Music for YouTube Music

Google has finally shut down its Google Play Music app that was a favorite of many but remained widely...

Oct 23 · >

Google Play will update pre-installed Android apps, even if you aren’t logged in

The account login that is required every time an Android app needs to be updated is something that we...

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Feb 18 · >

Telenor Pakistan now brings 100% cashback to the Google Play users

Telenor Pakistan has, once again, gone a step ahead in bringing the world-class gaming experience to the Pakistani populace....

Jun 5 · >

Amazon just dethroned Google and Apple to have the most positive impact on society

A recent poll conducted by SurveyMonkey and Recode indicated that 20 percent of the participants believe that Amazon has...

Apr 24 · >

Certified Android devices will now have Google Play Protect logo

Google will now put its Play Protect logo on devices which have some of their most popular apps preinstalled...

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Aug 29 · >

Google Play Store gifting $1 credit to random users

Who doesn’t love some free cash? Google is gifting $1 credit to some Play Store users randomly. You just...

Jul 28 · >

With discounts up to 80% off, Google Play is running its first ever store-wide sale right now

The Google Play Store Summer Sale for 2017 is now live. In its first ever nation-wide sale, Google is...

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Jun 30 · >

Google Play turns 5! Here are the top 5 apps and games of all time

Google Play is celebrating its 5th birthday today. On March 6, 2012, Google introduced a one-stop shop for all...

Mar 7 · >

Google is now cracking down on fraudulent apps in Play Store

Google has announced that it is rolling out an improved detection and filtration system to get rid of shady...

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Nov 1 · >

Fix It – Game of Gutters catches up on the social trend of covering gutters

After the massive Twitter trend initiated by Alamgir Khan to implore city government and particularly Chief Minister of Sindh...

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Feb 1 · >

Download Google Play’s paid apps for free using promo codes

Google Play is finally rolling out promo codes on paid apps. This new feature will allow app developers to...

Jan 15 · >