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Google publicly denounces state-sponsored cyber attacks

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A senior representative of Alphabet (Google’s parent company) has revealed that over 4000 state-sponsored cyber attacks take place on a monthly basis. The technology giant stated that it has been notifying its users of such attacks for a long time now.

Diane Greene, the senior vice president of Google and a board member at Alphabet Inc., addressed a gathering at the Fortune Magazine tech conference held in Aspen, Colorado. Diane praised Google’s security policy and stated that apart from informing users of cyber-attacks, it has also been improving its own security and encryption settings to keep away hackers.

With this statement, Alphabet is the first reputable organization to confirm that government agencies back cyber attacks for ‘accessing’ user data. The statement issued by most governments is that this is a security measure to prevent terrorism. However, organizations such as Google, Microsoft, and Twitter keep their users informed of such cyber attacks. This ensures that users can protect their privacy and upgrade their security beforehand.

Earlier, Google also confirmed that it was issuing thousands of warnings to users to ‘upgrade their security measures’. The warnings included instructions of how users can prevent hackers (including those that are ‘sponsored’ by the state) from accessing their data. Google has also consistently added new security features to Gmail and Android to keep the users informed of online security threats.

Written by Saad Mughal
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