Google Trends suggests that people don’t know why they Brexited

By Muneeb Ahmad on
June 24, 2016
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While the United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union and the British PM has resigned, Google has claimed that the vote out could be out of total ignorance. Yes! the brought-out is surely a total surprise.

The unexpected revelation is a manifestation of the Google’s big data which has shown that there has been an increase of 250 percent in people searching “what happens if we leave the EU,” that too after the referendum polls closed which means that the people didn’t know the outcomes when they voted.

Google’s Trends revealed the fact through their official Twitter handle.

Google Trends

The polls result were revealed just today and soon after results the British pound’s value has plummeted to a 31-year record low and the British PM, Cameron has already resigned.

The complete Trend’s report could be seen here.

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