EU Sets December 2024 as the Deadline for Universal Phone Chargers

European Union has clearly stated that all phone manufacturers need to switch to the common ‘USB-C’ cable before December...

Dec 13 · >

EU passes law on common charger of USB Type-C for devices

Thanks to the European Parliament, the different cords and chargers you’ve been collecting in a knotted bundle on your...

Oct 6 · >

What happens if Russia’s supplies to Europe are cut?

By restricting gas supply, Vladimir Putin and Russia’s state-owned energy behemoth Gazprom looks to be affecting Europe. The International...

Oct 5 · >

Ireland fines Twitter $547k for failing to comply with EU’s new General Data Privacy Regulations

The Data Protection Commission (DPC) of Ireland, the lead European Union (EU) privacy supervisor, has fined Twitter €450,000 or...

Dec 15 · >

This EU-funded AI judges your face and tells you how “normal” you are

Getting judged by society is bad enough, so you can imagine what it feels like to have an AI...

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Oct 8 · >

Google fined a record $5 billion for Android anti-trust violations

EU regulators have fined Google a record-breaking $5 billion for violating anti-trust laws. According to the EU Commission, Google...

Jul 19 · >

Online petition for second EU referendum ‘pranked’ with fake signatures

Parliamentary authorities instigated an inquiry after they removed around 77,000 fake signatures from an online petition filed for the...

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Jun 28 · >

Google Trends suggests that people don’t know why they Brexited

While the United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union and the British PM has resigned, Google has...

Jun 24 · >