Google’s Datally app introduces a set of new features to help save more data

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Google has a host of services and products that are a part of the everyday lives of millions of consumers. One of them is Datally, an app that helps you save data. Datally was released back in November 2017 and has been downloaded over 10 million times by users since then.

To further add to the app’s abilities, Google has released a new update that helps users save larger amounts of mobile data. There are four major changes that have been introduced through the update.

The app now has a “guest mode” which lets you set a data limit for when your phone is being used by someone else. This is really helpful in ensuring other users don’t eat up too much of your data. The data limit is protected by a password so that nobody else can change/alter the limit except you.

You can set a daily usage limit using the app. When you approach the limit, Datally will notify you that the limit is almost finished. Once the limit has been reached, you can choose between ignoring the notification or alternatively shut down data usage for the rest of the day through Datally.

The third feature is unused apps. Through this feature, you can see which apps (that are not in use) have been consuming data in the background. This enables users to uninstall dormant apps that take up data without being prompted to do so. This feature can also be useful in letting users know which apps are taking up unnecessary storage on their phones (since they are not in use).

Last but not the least, the update also adds the ability to see which WiFis are available around you through the Find WiFi feature. When you click on Find WiFi, you’ll be directed to a map of your current location with details of all the hotspots in your vicinity. Furthermore, the update also enables users to review the WiFi after they’re done using it so that other users can get to know about the quality of the said WiFi.

A vast majority of Pakistani public have migrated to 4G and 3G services ever since they got launched in the country. However, data packages in Pakistan are expensive relative to packages available in other countries. This is one of the major reasons behind Google releasing Datally in countries like Pakistan and India.

Datally can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

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