Google’s new update can now turn your selfies into cartoon stickers

Avatar Written by Ali Leghari · 44 sec read>

Are you fond of taking limitless selfies then this is big news for you. Tech behemoth Google has launched its new update for the “Allo” company’s messaging app. With this new update, one can generate custom cartoon stickers out of their selfie.

This tool is not just a for customization like Snapchat’s Bitmoji. Instead, Google’s version implements machine learning and neural networks to map facial features to animated versions.


Google worked with highly qualified artists to make illustrations for the emojis and sticker packs. There is 563 quadrillion images/emojis of different combinations that can be generated from the artwork. If you dislike the selfie, you can easily customize it as per your own preference.

In the initial phase, this update is being rolled out for Android users. Google has not hinted when it will be available for iOS users.

Recently, Google has given many updates to its users. First, at the beginning of this month, the company rolled out a massive update to stop phishing attacks on its users by adding phishing protection feature. Google has fixed the asymmetry in Chrome’s ‘new page’ tab.

Moreover, it is rumored that Google is making new OS named Fuchsia, which will eventually replace Android and Chrome OS.