Government to provide 3,000 of IT graduates with a six-month internship

By Muneeb Ahmad on
September 9, 2016
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Government has started works to employ recent IT graduates in the leading IT companies, major banking entities and the Telcos for a temporary internship program.

Government has started works on employing recent IT graduates on various internships in leading banks, IT firms, and Telcos under the Prime Minister’s Internship Program.

The internship program will focus on enhancing the potential of the young graduates having their major in the Information Technology. The internship will be provided in the year 2016-17.

Under the internship program, about 3000 of IT graduates will be provided internship in the leading workplaces of Pakistan. The internship will last for a six-month time period and will provide hands-on working industry as well as business experience to the graduates.

A department from the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication, Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), is handling the process of making arrangements related to the internship program. PSEB is speeding the processes and the advertisements will be soon out in the popular local dailies and newspapers.

PSEB is also going to develop a concerning web portal for the implementation of the program. The web portal will list all of the companies available with the government for the internship program. New companies will be brought into the circle, and the portal will be updated regularly. The graduates will have to create their accounts on the web portal. The companies will be put to CMMI certification and will be trained as well. The CMMI certification will be carried out to enhance the productivity of a company.

The program aims to enhance the ]potential of the fresh graduates by arranging internships for them in the IT companies, and the IT departments of leading non-IT companies.

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