Govt to launch National AI Policy soon: IT Minister

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The recent string of cyber threats and attacks seem to have stirred the government into action. After approving the country’s first-ever National Cybersecurity Policy earlier this year, the federal government is now working towards the launch of the National Artificial Intelligence Policy in an attempt to further secure the digital banking sector. 

This development was announced by Federal Minister for IT and Telecom Syed Aminul Haque while addressing a conference entitled BlockChain at a local auditorium.  

The IT Minister expressed his sincere belief that excellence in both AI and cybersecurity was essential for smooth running of the country’s economic system. 

Cybersecurity is the first important pillar of Digital Policy 2021 of IT Ministry,” he said. “Digital transformation of Pakistan corresponds with Cybersecurity. Pakistan’s first cybersecurity policy is approved by the federal cabinet this year. And now the government is fully committed to introducing national AI policy soon. 

Referring to the recent attacks suffered by the country’s banking systems, Haque stressed the importance of securing critical data. 

According to cybersecurity and AI experts, if the government succeeds in implementing policies in these two critical domains, the country’s banking industry will be able to flourish. 

The minister went on to highlight the importance of narrowing the gap between academia and industry, with IT academics supervising industrial projects through agreements between industries and universities, so that projects can take off and succeed. 

He also expressed the IT ministry’s aim of boosting the IT skills of the nation’s population so that the majority can become IT-ready. 

Our ministry is committed to equip the 60 per cent of young population of Pakistan with IT expertise by providing 3G and 4G services especially in the remotest areas which are far away from urban centres,” he said. 

The BlockChain conference featured talks from experts hailing from Europe, America, and the Middle East as well. Participants discussed views on and experiences with blockchain technology. 

Written by Hamza Zakir
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