How a Pakistani ended up losing Rs. 4.3 million to fake online jobs

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Online businesses and freelancing can help individuals earn enough money that they may not have to work in an office again. There are plenty of authentic website where you can earn a great buck for the services you offer. But still one has to be smart on the internet, there are a few websites which promises you hundreds of dollars per day without expecting much effort from your side – these websites are totally fake. Innocent people fall a prey to these websites and end up losing a lot of cash and time. We have a living proof of a Pakistani who lost 4.3 million rupees to an online job hoax.

Muhammad Nasir from Battagram fell for several online job hoaxes which promised him a monthly return for an amount he invested in the websites. Initially, he paid 5,000 PKR for what the scammers called an ID that entitled him for a monthly payout on his investment. After ensuring a few months of returns, Muhammad Nasir, in greed, started investing more money and even referred his friends and family to do the same. Of course, he was promised a cut for every individual that invests on his reference. In total, his friends and family invested 19.5 Million PKR to the online scheme.

The websites shut down after a few months and ran away with the money they had collected from Nasir and maybe, many other innocent individuals. Nasir has not only lost his own money but also led his family and friends into a financial loss. As a last resort, Muhammad Nasir has appealed Nawaz Sharif and Malik Riaz Hussain, chairman of Bahria Town, to help him get out this mess.

A simple rule for making money online or offline is, “If you are not working hard enough to earn money, then whatever is being promised to you is either fake or not an halal income.” Because remember, money does not grow on trees and there are no online jobs that pay you thousands without any real work or asks for registration money for getting a job in the first place.

Read out the full appeal from Muhammad Nasir below.

Online Job Hoax Pakistani Appeal

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