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Huawei Annual developer’s meeting postponed in China because of Coronavirus

Avatar Written by Naima Rabbie · 59 sec read>

Huawei has postponed its annual developer meeting that was supposed to be conducted in China due to the outspread of Coronavirus. The meeting will be held after a month or two or as the situation linked with the virus settles down.

The main focus of the conference is on enterprise and it acts as the primary event for the Information Technology Developers. Huawei promoted the event saying: “We want to share the ICT technologies and capabilities Huawei had developed over the past 30 years. Our Kunpeng and Ascend processors, in particular, will be powerful new engines for global developers.”

Huawei posted a message on its main website: “Based on the prevention and control of the Pneumonia epidemic situation of the new Coronavirus infection, we attach great importance to the health and safety of all the participants.”

Huawei is not the only Chinese company that had postponed the upcoming events as the situation created in Wuhan is being treated with serious measures. For example, the CEO of Foxconn Terry Gou has alerted its staff members for not visiting mainland China. The whole city of Wuhan that consists of over 11 million residents are facing a lockdown as of Thursday. Until further notice, the train stations and airport is also closed for the city.

All the health experts are joining their heads together today (23 January) whether to declare a public health epidemic over the outbreak. Over a dozen people were died after being infected by this deadly virus near the city of Wuhan( the virus originated from the city). Around 444 numbers of patients have been confirmed being infected with the virus and 17 patients have died in the Hubei region of the country.