“Husband storage facility” introduced in China

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“Husband storage facilities” introduced in China

A storage facility has been introduced for husbands going out for shopping with their wives. In the storage facility, husbands will have access to video games in order to kill time.

The storage facility will keep the husband busy with video games while the spouse and kids do the shopping. Not only husbands but also wives, kids and friends who don’t want to engage in hefty task of shopping can also occupy the storage facility.

The solution comes from the Global Mall in China which has installed storage pods for any partner who would rather spend time gaming than go shopping. These pods have been installed with gaming consoles which have some of the most popular video games such as RoboCop vs Terminator, Metal Slug and Tekken 3. This would allow a person to spend time gaming while the other one does shopping without stress. Although not discriminative on gender lines, most users are referring to them as husband storage pods since men like playing video games more compared to women.

At the moment, the pods are free to use as long as they are not occupied. However, it is expected that people will be charged for using this facility. The pods are expected to be made available to other malls in China and beyond.

Most people in China have mixed reactions as far as the pods are concerned.