An Idea Can Change Your Life! Ideologies can change Lifestyles

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The popular Indian Ad of Idea Telecom is not what we want you to know. It is about people who never bother what others think about them. The obsessions they carry and the visions they have, made the world know how capable they are… More importantly how determined they were two to three decades back!

  • Bill Gates always believed that hardware component is a masterpiece only when it has the software developed by him
  • Steve Jobs thought aesthetic approach defines technology not a suited man with branded degrees
  • Michael Dell believes in assembling things almost anytime, anywhere and selling it as one unit since his days in med-school
  • Jerry Yang believed in making internet as the biggest information tool world could ever see
  • Jeff Bezos always envisioned internet to be the only market in 21st century
  • Larry Page believes in making a thing or just buying it to bring under the word called Google

Vision Crafts Business Empires

Had universities been the place to guide, each Stanford graduate would have been a Jerry Yang, or a Harvard enrolled a Gates. Jobs would have completed graduation and Princeton could have been a home to all the internet marketers like Bezos. Sadly, vision is not taught. It is one’s own enlightenment that brings ideas to him and an implementation that later makes huge corporations.

Weird Ideas Can Ignite Fire

These ideas might be spontaneous, illogical or even totally worth discarding. But the vision behind these ideas surprised us all. The same ideologies brought these entrepreneurs to do exactly what they had in mind some decades back.


  • Windows is the most used operating system in the world. Undoubtedly serving people in so many machines that they use. They truly become the best once the software in it is designed by Microsoft Corporation.


  • No one had thought a sleek iPod is the next era’s walk-man or a phone without a button can be mobile handset. Apple’s aesthetic approach proved it. The firm had shown the world its traits by early 80s but got globally far more recognized two decades later.

Michael Dell

  • A graduate student of medicine at University of Texas made a part time habit of assembling computing machines. Five years later he was a dropout joining the best parts to assemble computers under his surname Dell.


  • No one had thought that Yahoo isn’t an interjection to celebrate but a company that can be on internet for every reason from sports, news, finance & stocks, e-mails and scores of household to shopping news. Now sponsoring global events as well as maintaining some global organizations’ total internet presence, the ideology still stays afresh.

Jeff Bezos

  • Buying stuff by clicking a mouse button? Well now its child’s play but in 1995 if e-retailing and e-reading had any scope in someone’s mind it was one man. The brainchild of Amazon… Now Kindle seems an old friend and Amazon, a name so common that it takes time to realize there is a world’s largest river with the same name

Larry Page

  • Two Roommates thought to make world so connected and informed without any promos or ads over a search engine. A crystal clear, white, non-distractive screen for homepage to make you find what you want is what Google gives you. There are a few things it couldn’t really make. It purchased them (YouTube, Android to name a few).

One man’s vision can create history

One vision made each company so giant that it’s not tough to believe that obsession of an idea is the real creativity. Innovation starts from the word “GO” provided you know what to do after that… And once started, it never ENDS.

Written by Ezaaz Waseem
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