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Indian management institute’s website hacked by Pakistani hackers

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The website of an Indian management institute appears to have been compromised by a group of hackers from Pakistan. They have since posted derogatory remarks on the website’s homepage along with a flag of Pakistan.

The website belongs to the School of Law, Design and Innovation Academy of the Institute of Management Studies (IMS), based in Noida, a city in India. The incident seems to have taken place on the night of July 4.

The hackers, going by the name of “Mister Ji”, changed the website’s homepage to display the flag of Pakistan. They also posted a message saying that ‘hacked by Pakistani hackers Mister Ji’. More interestingly, they even seemed to have left some instructions for the authorities on getting back the control of the website.

Soon after, the parents of some concerned students noticed it and immediately brought the matter to the attention of the institute’s authorities. The authorities have now filed a first information report (FIR) under the IT Act with the Centre for Cyber Crime Investigation.

There is no news currently on whether any critical data was compromised by hackers or any further damage to the institute. As of yet, the hackers seemed to have only gained access to their online website.

There is an ongoing tussle between hackers of the neighboring countries, and it has been going on since ages. Last year, one Pakistani hacker managed to get access to the user database of— India’s most popular music streaming website. Indians are not backing down either and recently hacked the website of website of the Canteen Stores Department (CSD), a chain of stores that is run by the Armed Forces of Pakistan.

Source — DeccanChronicles

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