iPhone 8 dummy model appears with edge-to-edge display

Ali Raza Written by Ali Raza · 1 min read>
iPhone 8

There are many rumors concerning the new iPhone 8 which will be a 2017 flagship for the company’s products. Apparently, it’ll be made of aluminum, with a much more drastic look since it’s supposed to have curved glass, both in front, as well as in the back of the device. All of the speculations have been coming from unverified leaks, and many are wondering just what is the newest iPhone going to be like.

This time, new photos have appeared that show the iPhone made of a combination of glass and stainless steel, and its front screen actually goes edge to edge, without a discernible bezel. It has no visible Touch ID on the back, which means that it might be under the display.

The photos came from Benjamin Geskin’s Twitter account, and apparently represent the dummy model. The Apple logo is also missing, and the current stage of the production is also unknown. The photos mostly show what was already suspected and what came from earlier leaks. The most noticeable thing on the back is that there’s nothing except for the vertical rectangle for the dual camera system.

Even though there’s no confirmation that the model shows the finished product, there are still some details that are clearly missing and are considered to be changed or improved, like the Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the side. The earpiece is barely visible on top, while many features are indistinguishable at this point.

The sides remind fans of an iPhone 4 aesthetics, and even iPod backplate is recognized in the design. The sides seem to look the same, except the power switch seem to be elongated.

The leak also contains several schematics, which show that the device is majorly upgraded over the iPhone 7 design. Still, there are no evidence that this is the real design for the iPhone 8. It does look like a real prototype, but there’s just no evidence to confirm this.