Ishaq Dar says 6% GDP growth possible

Written by Ali Leghari ·  51 sec read >

Finance Minister of Pakistan Ishaq Dar said that the focus of Government for upcoming the fiscal year would be to achieve 6% GDP growth.

In an interview with the Nikkei Asian Review, he said that the Government is committed to making rapid growth in infrastructure and uplifting lives of poor in the country. For this purpose, we are gaining help from international community.

“After (achieving) macroeconomic stability, we are fully focused on higher GDP growth that brings a better life to people, better per capita income, job opportunities and fills the gap in infrastructure demand,” he said while talking about the forthcoming federal budget that is to be announced on May 26 as reported by different media outlets.

The image of Pakistan is not very good in the international community and is considered ‘rogue’ country sometimes. International investors feel insecure while investing in the country due to terrorism and lack of infrastructure.

Recently, the Government has attracted foreign investment from Germany and other countries after assuring them that the country has developed good infrastructure and trying to eradicate nuisance of terrorism from the country.

The government is collaborating with German bank(KFW) and the UK’s Department for International Development for boosting microfinance in the country. The Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said, “Financing partnerships paving a way forward for Pakistan”.

Furthermore, an agreement had also been inked yesterday between Government of Pakistan and tech giant Alibaba to foster the growth of e-commerce in Pakistan.