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With Adobe Behance, you can give new dimensions to your creativity. The world’s leading creative platform not only allows you to follow the leading names in the creative industry but also allows you to upload your work to the cloud and get reviews from your peers. These community reviews can go a long way in improving your work and pointing you to the right direction, helping you stay on top of your game. Behance also endeavors to organize events to bring the creative community together. In fact, last year almost 232 events were held in 77 different countries, including a Behance event in Lahore, Pakistan.

What is Behance Portfolio Review?

Behance Portfolio Review bring the creative minded people of Pakistani community together. The Behance community has held several activities and events in the Pakistan and aims to encourage the artist, providing them with global opportunities and increased exposure.

Why should you join?

As a part of Behance Portfolio Review, you get a chance to meet and hangout with some of the coolest creative people in town. This means that you get a coveted platform where you can share ideas with acclaimed artists and learn directly from them. That in itself is a big opportunities but that’s far from all.
Behance Portfolio Review, as the name suggests, gives you a chance to get your work reviewed by the masters of the field, giving you invaluable critique that can take you to new creative avenues. This means that you will be in the company of people who share your passion for art and you will also get the fame and recognition that you deserve. Getting shortlisted for the event can also open a window of opportunities for you.

Don’t miss the Behance event this year!

Last year, the event’s main theme was An Ode to Creative Work and the event was very well received. This year’s Behance Portfolio Review Week will be held on Saturday May 17th at 4 pm. The event will feature presentations, portfolio reviews and opportunities for networking with industry leaders. For more information, you can click here.

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