Karachi students build a device that moves cars through eye movement

Written by Faisal Saeed ·  1 min read >

A team of five students from Bahria University Karachi has developed a device that can move cars through a person’s eyes. The students used Python programming language in the device to detect eye movement. They also developed a prototype car to test the device, which cost them Rs. 3000.

The device was created as part of the final year project, and the students claim that they are the first ones to create such a device. The automation system of the device uses a blink sensor which detects eye blinking in real-time. The device can be used for home automation, moving a wheelchair and a cursor on a computer. Moreover, the device can be programmed to add new devices for automation.

The students believe that this device can make lives easier for people with disabilities and would be a major step forward in facilitating those individuals. The device can help tetraplegic patients to live their lives without receiving any assistance from anyone.

Tetraplegia is paralysis caused by illness or injury, that results in the loss of sensory function in the cervical segments of the spinal cord, and paralyzes the body below the neck.

The students have requested the government to grant them financial assistance to participate in an automation contest that is going to be held in Thailand. They said that India has been winning the automation competition for years, but they want Pakistan to take the lead this time.

The government of Pakistan should support these young minds to motivate them to develop more technologically advanced devices like these. This is not the first time Pakistani students have developed tech to make the life of people easy, a few months ago, a group of students from Usman Institute of Technology developed a glove which has sensors fixed inside, to help speech impaired people in hearing and to have a conversation with others easily.