Knowledge Platform relaunches its free online learning platform

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Knowledge Platform has recently announced the relaunch of its digital learning platform — Learn Smart Pakistan (LSP).

LSP is a free online educational resource, based on the national curriculum for Grade 6 – 12 students which provide a whole new learning experience, especially for those students enrolled in low-cost private and public schools. LSP recently held its 4th Annual Award Ceremony to award high-achiever students

The team behind LSP has been working tirelessly since its inception in 2014 to ensure that both students and teachers have a satisfying experience when making use of the learning tools provided on their platform. Through interactive and easy-to-follow videos, as well as tons of engaging and exciting games, LSP stays true to its motto of creating a website where “Learning is fun!”

While updates to LSP’s interface, content library and games center are constantly being rolled out, this year, LSP underwent its most major update since being launched in the Pakistani e-market. An official statement from the institute reads;

“Over the years, we have been carefully examining our users to determine their interests and performance rates, and we discovered that students enjoy learning through fun yet challenging games more than traditional learning. While this came as no surprise, what we didn’t expect to find was the drastic increase in retention rates when users learned new concepts from a game as compared to other traditional forms of teaching. With this knowledge, we decided the next step forward for LSP was gamification.”

‘Gamification’ in education is described as the use of game design and mechanics to enhance learning outcomes by increasing participation, enjoyment, competition and engagement among students.

The team behind LSP used this concept to introduce ‘Honey Coins’. Honey Coins are reward points that can be earned by participating in learning activities such as playing educational games, taking assessments, watching video lectures, etc. on the platform. However, unlike other games, “Honey Coins” can be redeemed for cash vouchers, tablets as well as academic scholarships in the near future.

And finally, LSP’s content library has gone through a major expansion to include content for students from grades 6 to 8, so that they too can reap the benefits of quality online education. Schools have also begun to adopt LSP for homework and use its content in their classrooms.

With already nearly 20,000 young Pakistani boys and girls benefitting from LSP’s free-to-use platform, this new gamified version of LSP is expected to tremendously improve learning outcomes of even more students!

You can register for the program by visiting their site here.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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