Careem Manager abused and arrested by Police, Chief Minister takes notice

By Shaheryar Ehsan on
January 7, 2019
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A shocking incident occurred in Lahore when the police took a Careem manager into custody for refusing to provide a user’s information. The video went viral on social media over the abusive behavior of the police officers while escorting the person to the police station. The employee has since then been released and we got in touch with Careem to know their stance on the matter.

According to Careem officials, a number of police officials arrived in their office to acquire some information regarding a user. As per the standard procedure, the manager asked for the authorization documents but the police officials did not have any. According to international laws, to acquire any such type of information or suppose you want to search a place, you require a warrant. Otherwise, your request will be turned down.

The manager politely refused to provide the user information which infuriated the police officers and they dragged him to their vehicle. The video in question shows the abusive behavior and threats of the police officials towards the manager as he was being escorted off the scene. You can see the video below:

He has since been released from custody and an inquiry has been ordered by Chief Minister Buzdar. The minister said that no policeman was allowed to treat civilians like that and he instructed the authorities to look into the matter and give proper punishment to the culprit.

What is your take on this incident?

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