Man kills father for asking him how and where he lost his phone

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A man in Lahore killed his father for cross-questioning him regarding his lost cellphone, earlier last week. Sajid Mehmood had lost his phone in Kot Lakhpat area and when his father, Khalid Mehmood came back home and inquired about the lost cellphone, he killed him later that night for scolding him.

Khalid was a street vendor and according to the family of the deceased, he went to the roof to sleep after he had scolded Sajid for losing the phone and that where his son hit him with a sharp object and that blow led to his death. The family has now registered an FIR against Sajid but he managed to flee the scene without being challenged. The police are currently investigating the incident and trying to find the culprit. SP Model Town Imran Ahmed has also taken notice of the incident.

More and more people are becoming increasingly attached to their smartphones and this ultimately makes us less patient with situations. There are many examples of people reacting dangerously because of their phones for instance, a man in Minnesota died after he jumped into an icy river to retrieve his phone. Similarly, a duo of friends got into an argument over their smartphone and this led to the death of phone. The list goes with many more incidents like this.

How do you think incidents like these can be prevented?

Source: Express Tribune

Written by Shaheryar Ehsan
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