Mark Zuckerberg post with a controversial map anger Indians.

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May 15, 2015
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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had to take a lot of heat when he earlier today shared an update about his Internet.Org project.

Zuck has been sharing a lot of updates about his side project Internet.Org through which he wants to content two third of the world to internet. Earlier, he shared a photo which showed maps of countries where Internet.Org has been successful so far.

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The map of India missed the Kashmir area, which apparently, infuriated the users and the comments started pouring in.
A facebook user, Akhil Dev, commented, “Great Job, Please correct the Indian MAP on this Picture, Kashmir is Missing.”

Another user Ashu Dhar wrote: “Dear Mark, you have been to India several times, you should have confirmed the Indian map, before sharing this photo.”

“I belong to that state which you have not shown as part of India. Truly disappointing.”

As we all know, Kashmir is a disputed area and draws a lot of debate and discussions online if the map of India or Pakistan appears without it. This post has since been removed, but you can see a screenshot above.

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