Massive Plug In-Car Sales Surge In December 2022

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In December, Germany has shown a massive increase in car sales. New passenger car registrations increased by 38% year over year to 314,318 which is the highest monthly result in around 42 months.

Undoubtedly, a massive increase enabled Germany to achieve a total of 2,651,357 units sold in 2022. Overall in an increase of 1.1% over 2021.

If we look closely, the most important thing is the massive surge of plug in electric car sales both all electric and plug in hybrid.

Last month, a total number of 174,126 new passengers plug-in electric cars were registered in Germany. Moreover, it is 114% more than a year ago, the second six digit result ever and a new all time record.

However, it is always impressive when volume more than doubles. It is also important to check the market share of rechargeable passenger cars which in Dcember was 55.4%. Hence, that represents not only a new record, surpassing the previous one of 39.4%, but also a clear indication of the times in which plug-ins predominate.

According to the analysis, both BEV and PHEV more than doubled over the last year. However ,in the case of electrical vehicles, it’s the first six digits result of 104,325 ( almost 115% year-over-year) and 1/3 of the market i.e 33.2%.

The reason behind it is the reduction of incentives for BEVs (from €6,000 to €4,500) for models under €40,000. And from €5,000 to €3,000 for models under €65,000. Whereas, elimination of incentives for PHEVs (€4,500) from January 1,2023. It shows an upcoming slowdown in early 2023, especially for PHEVs.

Results by type:

  • BEVs: 104,325 – up 115% at 33.2% market share
  • PHEVs: 69,801 – up 113% at 22.2% market share

Total: 174,126 – up 114% at 55.4% market share

Last year, in 2022, more than 832,000 new passenger plug-in cars were registered in Germany.

  • BEVs: 470,559 – up 32% at 17.7% market share
  • PHEVs: 362,093 – up 11% at 13.7% market share


Total: 832,652 – up 22% at 31.4% market share

Though, the annual growth is noticeable but at the same time was very challenging for Europe.

If we closely take a look at the annual results since 2013, it’s visible that electrification is quickly progressing towards becoming the power of the vehicle in coming years.

Top Brands

Volkswagen was at the top without any surprise in terms of electric car registrations. However, in terms of battery electric car registrations the German automakers once again beaten by Tesla (17,501 compared to 16,803 VW).

Last month, Tesla achieved a higher result of plug in car registration than Mercedes Benz (13,282) Opel (10,835) AMD BMW (10,264)

Undoubtedly, many famous brands have set new monthly records in December.

Last month, plug in car registrations by brands (at least 4,000)

Volkswagen: 21954 – 16803 BEVs and 5151 PHEVs
Tesla: 17501 BEVs
Mercedes-Benz: 13282 – 4585 BEVs and 8697 PHEVs
Opel: 10835 – 7900 BEVs and 2935 PHEVs
BMW: 10264 – 4506 BEVs and 5758 PHEVs
Audi: 9680 – 4912 BEVs and 4768 PHEVs
SEAT: 8186 – 3404 BEVs and 4782 PHEVs
Ford: 8124 – 1305 BEVs and 6819 PHEVs
Hyundai: 7797 – 6367 BEVs and 1430 PHEVs
Renault: 6972 – 6634 BEVs and 338 PHEVs
Fiat: 6606 BEVs
Kia: 6111 – 2035 BEVs and 4076 PHEVs
Mitsubishi: 4882 PHEVs
Peugeot: 4804 – 3367 BEVs and 1437 PHEVs
MG Roewe: 4493 – 2202 BEVs and 2291 PHEVs
Jeep: 4315 PHEVs
Dacia: 4060 BEVs
Volvo: 4019 – 1497 BEVs and 2522 PHEVs

Tesla managed to enter the top three, the biggest achievement was that the highest number of all-electric car sales (nearly 70,000 car registrations)

Alas, the top brands are Volkswagen (94,067) and Mercedes Benz (79,553) with pretty strong results also set by BMW (66,556) and Audi (58,094)

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