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Mastodon Social Takes a Leap Amidst Elon Musk takeover of Twitter

Avatar Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
According to estimates, Mastodon social gained over 230,000 users in just a week of Elon Musk’s arrival to Twitter

Analysts believe that in just a week of Elon Musk’ arrival to Twitter, more than a million users have bid farewell to the platform. These users are now out there, looking for better alternatives, and it looks like that many of them have found one.

‘Mastodon’, a social networking site that’s similar to Twitter, gained over 230,000 users in just a week after Elon Musk Twitter buyout. This brings the total user count of Mastodon down to 655,000 users that are increasing with each passing minute.

If there is anyone that’s taking advantage of the whole Twitter chaos, it’s Mastodon. Built in 2016 by an avid Twitter user named Eugen Rochko. Rochko launched the site with funds from Pateron and has been running it since then. Many believe that the recent turn of events was the kick that Mastodon needed.

On the first look, you would find Mastodon to resemble Twitter quite a bit, but underneath the Twitter looks is the opposition of a common platform. Mastodon contains several servers which are based on niches, locations and interest. Users can join any server they want thus allowing them to post and consume content of their interest.

“The past few days have taken a heavy toll on me,” said creator Eugen Rochko while commenting on recent events.

What’s special about the application is the fact that it’s decentralized and ad-free. Being decentralized, the application can never be sold, cannot go bankrupt and even give users an increased control over their privacy.

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