Former Twitter Employee Found Guilty of Spying for Saudi Arabia

Ahmad Abouammo, a former employee of Twitter and US resident who worked in the Middle East branch of Twitter...

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Aug 11 ·>

Thousands of Twitter Accounts at Risk as Hackers Leak API Keys

Researchers discovered 3,207 apps on Monday that were leaking Twitter API keys, which hackers can easily exploit to access...

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Aug 3 ·>

Elon Musk secures deal to buy Twitter for $45bn to “make it better than ever”

After quite a while of swirling rumors and debates over whether the world’s richest man has any business investing...

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Apr 26 ·>

Twitter to remove its character limit on tweets as part of new “Twitter Articles” offering

This year has bought with it various changes across some of the mainstream social media platforms including Whatsapp, Messenger,...

Feb 7 ·>

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey resigns from Twitter, saying ‘it’s time for me to leave’

In recent news, Jack Dorsey mentioned on Twitter that it was finally time for him to leave. He further...

Dec 1 ·>

Twitter will soon be warning users about ‘intense’ conversations

Twitter is working on a feature that will warn users of potentially heated conversations. So if users on the...

Oct 7 ·>

Twitter is aiming to fix disappearing tweets issue soon

In recent news, Twitter is planning to make some changes to its platform that would prevent tweets from disappearing...

Sep 23 ·>

Twitter is working on an official ‘soft block’ feature

Twitter normally brings up some new features to its platform every now and then in terms of a new...

Sep 8 ·>

Twitter Officially Pauses Its Verification Program Rollout After Giving Fake Accounts Blue Checks

In recent news, Twitter is officially halting the expansion of its verification program as numerous fake accounts managed to...

Aug 16 ·>

Information Ministry Exposes India & Afghanistan For Partaking In Anti-Pakistan Trends

In recent news, an Anti-State Trends Deep Analytics Report revealed that more than 150 anti-state trends were launched on...

Aug 13 ·>

Some users can now shop for stuff on Twitter, thanks to this new feature

Twitter has officially rolled out a new feature for some of its users that allows them to browse through...

Jul 29 ·>

Twitter Soon To Launch Super Follows, Here’s What It Looks Like

Earlier on Twitter had announced the concept of a ‘Super Follows’ feature that would allow users to charge followers...

Jun 7 ·>