MeriTaleem: Your information portal for Pakistani Universities

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When it comes to higher education, there is a shortage of reliable sources to get information from. Sure, Universities have their websites that try to deal with the queries and problems of students by adding relevant information and FAQs but that’s seldom enough. As a result, many students feel that there just isn’t a way to find out course or university related information unless they visit the institutions and ask around.

MeriTaleem addresses the issue at hand and aims to become the single, most reliable source for higher education related information in Pakistan.

The website, will cater to non-degree programs as well as bachelors, masters and doctorate programs. Apart from providing information related to courses available, university campuses, admission news and criteria, it will also give the students a chance to check out University Rankings and all related information. Imagine finding everything that you are looking for in one place. There is also a news and updates section that lets you subscribe to the latest updates.

MeriTaleem is a good effort, one that needs to be appreciated all the more for the benefits it will bring to the students, especially those living in far flung areas without access to complete, and comprehensive information. This will lead to more pride and prosperity for Pakistan in terms of good, educated students.

Usama Shahid Khan, the main force behind the website is also a cofounder at Cloud9 Startups. Cloud9 aims to provide the young and talented entrepreneurs with the capital and necessary skills needed to reach to success. Usama chose the entrepreneurial path when he graduated from University, a path which is not for the weak hearted. Usama has always made an effort to bring something new and innovative to the market. MeriTaleem is the product of almost one and half year of diligence and hard work. There are many people who helped Usama create this amazing educational portal and their only aim is to spread information so every student aspiring for higher education can have access to the right information at the right time. MeriTaleem can help in one of Pakistan’s major issues, education and can grow into a huge support for students from all over the country.

We believe that MeriTaleem can prove to be an invaluable source of information. A complete guide like that can eliminate the problems that very often arise due to incomplete information and thus pave the way for a better, well equipped central system of updates regarding universities. Moreover, with official University affiliations in the future, MeriTaleem can prove to be a strong support from students. We will be keeping a close eye and bringing you lots of new updates in the future. Stay tuned to The AppJuice!

Written by Qurat Zafar
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