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Microsoft gives an ‘edge’ with their latest browser updates

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In a recent update, Microsoft has unveiled new features to its flagship browser which allows users to manage tabs vertically ensuring a more clean experience of the browser with an addition of some neat security updates.

For over a year now, Microsoft’s Edge browser has been making a phenomenal impact with its fast responses and less chugging up a user’s system RAM which is due to the browser being built on the Chromium open-source engine.

As the great web of the internet expands with more complexity, Microsoft is looking for new opportunities to improve the user’s experience on the web by building new capabilities for the Edge browser.

Hence, Microsoft has added a new way of managing multiple tabs through a feature called ‘vertical tabs’. This update was requested by many Edge users who had trouble navigating through multiple tabs horizontally. This new feature creates more space hence increasing navigation and flexibility.

According to William Devereux, Senior Program Manager for Edge:
“Some people are very rigorous about only opening tabs they need and closing them when they’re done. But others accumulate dozens of tabs and keep them open for weeks or months at a time. For these users, it can be incredibly difficult to find the tab they’re looking for.”

When you open the browser after the update you will receive a prompt to try out the new feature.

Moreover, you can easily access the vertical tabs option by clicking on the top left icon as shown below.

GIF source: Microsoft

Once enabled, the tabs are collapsed in a single vertical order displaying the favicons only. The tabs expand by hovering the mouse icon on the vertical bar on the left.

Along with the new accessibility features, Microsoft Edge is also giving users more control over their privacy. This is done by choosing from any three levels of tracking prevention which are known as basic, balanced, and strict.

Image source: Microsoft

With such updates making impressive improvements from the old Edge browser, it can be expected that Edge will soon become a more prominent browser giving the likes of Chrome, Firefox a tough time.

Written by Usman Aslam
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